First Book Release Coming Out November 2018!

Make story-time more rewarding - learn a language TOGETHER!

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Little Linguists’ Library® are the picture books that allow you and your child to learn a language together.

They are the fun and easy way to start learning a language with your child.

These colourful and engaging picture books immerse you and your child in the foreign language while helping you both to learn the basics.

Brief and easy-to-follow pronunciation guides, translations and an audio file of a native speaker reading the books mean you need never have spoken the language before -

Just pick up a book and away you go!

You and your child will love sharing these stories almost as much as you’ll love sharing the language-learning experience.

Want To Know More?

The first book in the series is currently in production following our successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and first editions are scheduled to ship in November 2018.

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