What is Little Linguists' Library?

Little Linguists’ Library ® is a series of engaging, easy-to-follow and beautifully illustrated storybooks to help you learn a foreign language with your child.

You and your own little linguist will be introduced to the foreign language in the same way you learned your mother tongue – in context and through stories.
This means that learning the foreign language can be easily incorporated into the busiest of days – just swap your usual bedtime story for a story from the Little Linguists’ Library®.

The first book of the series is now available. The series will initially consist of three titles, each in French and Spanish. Further languages and titles are planned to be added to the series later.

Our approach

Little Linguists' Library's approach is based on three core beliefs about learning a language:

1. Anyone can do it.
2. You should start as early as possible.
3. It should be fun.

The Little Linguists’ Library® series builds to teach you and your child the basics of a foreign language.

The stories follow the adventures of two friends - a little boy monkey and a little girl tiger. Through their adventures, they introduce a range of vocabulary based on the theme of the story. At the same time, general phrases useful for everyday conversation in the target language are also taught. Each book is accompanied by a free MP3 download of the story read by native-speaking professional voice actors.

Learning a foreign language gives children a head start in so many other areas of life, such as cognitive development, confidence building and developing empathy and cultural awareness. In today’s political climate, it has never been more important to teach our children the value of other people and their cultures. And what better place to start than by learning a language together?

About The Author

A qualified teacher and former management consultant, I'm now a dad working from home and looking after my brilliant baby girl. I launched my Kickstarter campaign for Little Linguists' Library three days after she was born (mad, I know!) and I've never looked back.

I started Little Linguists' Library as I was tutoring a 5 year old in French and realised there were very few really engaging language resources for young children. Learning a foreign language at a young age is best, yet we don’t make it easy for parents and teachers to help children with this. People often say to me, ‘I’d love to learn a foreign language with my child, but I was rubbish at languages at school and wouldn’t know what to do.’ Little Linguists' Library is designed to provide an attractive and fun way to learn a language which can easily be fitted into your normal story-time and requires no language knowledge on the part of the adult. My aim is not simply to inspire young language learners, but to create language-learning families.

I hold a first-class degree in French and Latin from the University of Oxford and Little Linguists' Library is my way of sharing my passion for languages with others. I'm also looking forward to reading these books with my daughter.

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