How To Use The Books

We at Little Linguists’ Library® have purposely chosen the story format rather than the traditional textbook as we believe it is the most engaging way to learn a language.
You won’t find explanations of grammar in here or lists of individual pieces of vocabulary. Instead, learning occurs by the repetition of vocabulary and grammatical structures throughout the book, so they are learned in a more natural way.

There is no one way to use the books, but a good way to start may be as follows:


Listen to the audio file of the book at your own pace as you and your child follow the story in the book.



You may wish to stop the recording as you go and ask your child what they think is going on and what certain words might mean (if you’re unsure yourself, you can always check in the glossary at the back of the book).


On a second hearing, you may wish to repeat after the recording, stopping it as you go.



After a few more hearings you may wish to start reading the book without the recording, using the pronunciation guide at the bottom of the page where you’re unsure.

If you’re reading the book as your bedtime story (which we definitely recommend!), you may wish to look at it every other day for the first couple of weeks.

Learning any language, including your native one, is a journey and the most important thing is you keep going.
The process may sound a little slow, but you’d be surprised how much progress you make after just a few weeks.